Healthy teeth will not guarantee a beautiful smile if the gums are in bad shape. Diseases of the periodontium, the tissue around the tooth, may quickly lead to the teeth becoming loose and lost.


If you see the following symptoms in your oral cavity, it is a sign to commence treatment:

  • bleeding gums
  • redness of the gums
  • wobbly teeth
  • exposed tooth necks
  • moving teeth
  • emergence of slits between teeth
  • foul odour from the mouth

These symptoms indicate diseases of the periodontium.

The main reason for any of those is improper oral hygiene. Genetic issues may also be the cause, as may be general systemic diseases and diseases that reduce immunity. The disease is exacerbated by smoking.

Lack of oral hygiene or improper brushing over two-three days cause plaque to form on the teeth. The plaque hardens, and porous tartar begins to form. The tartar forms first at the edge of the gums, moving ‘downwards’ along the tooth root. It moves under the gum tissue, creating pathological pockets. Tartar continues to irritate the gums, causing swelling, pain and bleeding during brushing. In this way, bone starts to diminish, the tooth will begin to wobble, and at that point, it is usually too late to save it.


At the Clinic, we have at our disposal a broad range of treatment options, however, we always start with proper cleaning of the teeth – the removal of scale. Laser is one of the most modern methods of treatment of periodontitis. The laser light disinfects the pathological tooth pocket, removes the remaining tartar and granulation tissue, healing the inflammation.

The most important treatments in periodontics are:

  • scaling– the removal of tartar above and below the gums, finished by air-flow polishing and tooth grinding,
  • curettage – cleaning of pathological gum pockets
  • treatment of periodontitis,
  • correcting the bite – removal of so-called trauma nodes, or points susceptible to particular overload,
  • treatment of deficiencies of the temporomandibular joint to help fight teeth grinding and abrasion, pain of the mandible; this frequently treats migraines and neck back stiffness,
  • extension of clinical teeth crowns – used in order to improve the aesthetics of the gum scape and in order to uncover tooth break points,
  • coverage of gum recesses – reestablishment of the correct gum levels on exposed teeth necks,
  • laser treatment of herpes and canker sores,
  • laser trimming of the upper jaw and tongue frenula,
  • splinting of wobbling teeth.
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