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25 years of experience, continued development, expansion and certification of our knowledge have provided us with the measurable effect of thousands of treated and satisfied patients.

The fast pace of development in medicine, the implementation of new technologies, makes present-day dentistry rely on two- and three-dimensional x-ray imaging, imaging with intraoral cameras, daily work at high magnifications with the uses of professional magnifying glasses and microscopes, laser therapy, digital anaesthesia, laser and ultrasound surgery, inhalation anaesthesia for very demanding and sensitive patients.

The profile of the treatment options we provide aims at full aesthetic and functional reconstruction of dental arches in the broad perspective of one’s further life, based on modern and proven solutions and materials. Treatment nowadays is a fusion of knowledge and skill of many specialists in endodontics, periodontics, prosthetics, surgery and implantology, orthodontics, who are all available to our patients.

The Dental Center operates practices that are fully equipped with the most modern dental equipment. We have a range of fully qualified dental medicine professionals. They are specialists in such fields as: general dentistry, endodontics, cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, surgery, periodontics, prosthetics and implantology.


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M. D.
Edyta Wejt-Tawakol

M. D.
Marek Tawakol

M. D.
Adrian Borawski

Over 25 years of experience
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