In order to improve patient comfort, and in order to accommodate their expectations, the MediRaty instalment payment system allows swift financing and spreading out the treatment costs over instalments. This is the first such system developed for medical treatment. The formalities are reduced to a minimum, and the product is patient-friendly in terms of price.

The patient is provided with financing for specific treatment in the form of instalments spread out over 12 to 60 months. The offer covers amounts between PLN 1 000 and PLN 50 000.

All you need to do is contact your consultant by phone or provide your data to the receptionist of the unit, where you would like to make use of the service, and they will provide the data to the MediRaty consultant. The subsequent procedure is quick and friendly. The patient is only obliged to prepare a document confirming their earnings and to sign a standard and transparent contract in the presence of the delivery person, who will deliver the contract to the location and at the time indicated by the customer. In most cases, the decision about the loan is made within up to 30 minutes from initial contact. Please contact us to discuss details.

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