Dental Center Wejt&Tawakol

The Dental Center Wejt & Tawakol provides dental services in all areas of dental science.

Services at the Dental Center are provided by experienced, competent dentists, including specialists, with the aid of highly qualified dental assistants, with the use of modern infrastructure and equipment.
Attention is paid particularly paid to the professional and individual approach to every Patient, and to the high quality of services that are rendered according to the highest standards of treatment, in line with current dental science knowledge. A key aspect of the treatment we offer are interdisciplinary procedures in patients with problems related to aesthetics.

Treatments are provided by our best specialists with excellent scientific achievements, who strive to continuously expand their knowledge during international dentistry congresses. Our specialists guarantee an individual and friendly approach to every patient, provide comprehensive information on the treatment during consultations, whereby an animation of the planned procedure can be viewed, and any remaining uncertainties may be clarified. This will allow the patient to make an informed decision in every case, before the treatment is commenced.

At the Dental Center, we have made sure to solve all dental problems in house. It is possible to perform both thorough diagnostics thanks to precise and safe digital x-ray imaging equipment, as well as full-scope treatment in every area of dental health.

We offer full-scope dental treatment services. There are eight dental treatment stations at your disposal, a professional surgical theatre, an anaesthesia treatment hall, an anaesthesia recovery room, a microscope, a modern teeth whitening lamp, as well as top-quality implants. We also utilise digitally-administered anaesthesia, as well as inhalational (laughing gas, nitrous oxide) and intravenous sedation (anaesthesia).

The safety of Patients during treatment is very important to us, that is why we adhere to rules on tool sterilisation very strictly.
We are a medical team working with state-of-the-art equipment using the most modern dental treatment techniques.

The Dental Center Wejt & Tawakol offers comprehensive treatment of adults and children. Our experienced and specialised team will treat persons at any age, and bring back the smile that you might have lost.

The Dental Center team
The Dental Center team
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M. D.
Edyta Wejt-Tawakol

M. D.
Marek Tawakol

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Adrian Borawski

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