Dental surgery

Dental surgery is a branch of dental science dealing with the operational treatment of the oral cavity and its surrounding regions. Contemporary dental surgery allows not only the removal, but also to a greater extent – the maintenance of teeth that are burdened by various diseases. The procedures performed at the Clinic, for instance, root tip resection or the removal of cysts, allow us to rescue teeth that would otherwise have to be removed.

Chirurgia stomatologiczna

The majority of treatments include preparing the patient for further specialist treatment, e. g. prosthetics or implantations. Every treatment requires unique precision and knowledge of complex surgical techniques, hence, we cooperate with the best specialists in dental surgery.

The Dental Centre is home to specialists who are able to provide full-scope surgical treatment, beginning with simple extractions, through complex chiselling of wisdom teeth, all the way to elevation of the maxillary sinuses and implant treatment. The surgeons perform a range of treatments bordering on surgery and periodontics and handle preparing the oral cavity for prosthetics.

All procedures are carried out under local anaesthesia, using innovative, digital local anaesthesia equipment – Quick Sleeper, ensuring unique and painless anaesthesia administration and guaranteeing sterility during the performance. It is also possible to utilise inhalation anaesthesia by nitrous oxide (laughing gas) in order to improve the patient’s mental comfort before the procedure.

Planned surgical treatment causes fear of the operation, any complications and pain in patients. The success of the treatment and the selection of the optimum procedure strategy always go hand in hand with care for reliable information provided to the patient and the removal of any doubts that may be present. Hence, in each case, the patient is appropriately prepared for the treatment. The dentist will precisely explain the entire treatment plan, the individual stages and any possible consequences. All surgical procedures are carried out under anaesthesia, and the operating field is kept aseptic. After the treatment, the patient is properly cared for, so that the entire process finishes successfully, and so that the patient can heal quickly.

  • extractions of teeth are always carried out under anaesthesia, after careful consideration whether there are any chances of healing the tooth using other methods,
  • root tip resection – removal of the tip of the root, with their bacteria and the surrounding inflammation,
  • hemisections – the splitting of a multi-root tooth to remove the ill part, and use the remaining healthy part as the base for a bridge or crown,
  • chiselling of remaining or damaged teeth – a somewhat more complicated procedure of tooth extraction, which cannot grow by itself or is completely destroyed due to caries; applies mostly to third molars,
  • augmentation, or bone reconstruction – thanks to the use of bone replacement materials, we can improve the bone conditions in a patient who decides to go forward with implantation,
  • elevation of the maxillary sinus bottom – in this way, one achieves the correct space and conditions for implantation in the mandible,
  • implantation – a procedure allowing the augmentation of missing teeth without the necessity of grinding neighbouring teeth or making a removable prosthesis.
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