Endodontics, root canal treatment

Endodontics, or root canal treatment, is a branch of dental science dealing with the treatment of irreversible inflammations of the dental pulp from the tooth chamber and canals, and filling it with suitable material. Neglecting treatment in case of tooth pain results in swelling, pus exudations and, frequently, the necessity to remove the tooth.

Leczenie kanałowe

Modern root canal treatment requires specialised equipment and a lot of experience on the part of the dentist. At our clinic, You can be certain that the treatment will be carried out professionally and painlessly. We possess equipment allowing for very precise diagnostics of the illness before the commencement of treatment (radio-visual imaging). We possess endometric units allowing us to measure the length of tooth canals, as well as a Zeiss operation microscope, currently the most up-to-date state-of-the-art equipment for this kind of procedure.

Leczenie kanałowe - efekt

In case of root canal treatment, the detailed inspection of tooth root structures, the search for additional canals, any abnormalities in the tooth structure (skewed roots, merged canals, narrow spots) are of paramount importance. Using a 20x magnification microscope, the dentist is able to execute the treatment with precision that cannot be achieved using traditional methods. All of this takes place under comfortable conditions, using a movable microscope sensor (several degrees of movement) allowing free and unhindered access to the tooth being treated. Thanks to perfected endodontics techniques, the majority of teeth that would in the past quality for removal can now be saved. Most patients, having had bad experiences with root canal treatment, often face the dilemma: treat or remove? The second of these solutions is irreversible, and should be treated as a last resort only. We aim for treatment to not be discomforting, for it to be short and calm. A correctly executed root canal procedure will allow for the tooth to remain in the oral cavity for a long time yielding no unwanted symptoms. Depending on the recognised illness, the dentist will select the appropriate root canal treatment method.

At our Clinic, every root canal treatment procedure is performed under the microscope.

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