Dental prevention is the first and, at the same time, the most important step in the treatment of caries and periodontitis. The maintenance of proper oral hygiene is key in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums. The task of prevention is primarily countering plaque. Regular, professional preventive treatment along with patients implementing suggestions concerning everyday dental care guarantee healthy teeth and gums and, at the same time, a beautiful and healthy smile.


Preventive treatment of the oral cavity is aimed at early detection of caries in the first stages of development, and, at the same time, prevention of any complications of caries, or the prevention of its development altogether.

Regular appointments at the Dental Center Wejt & Tawakol allow early detection of any flaws of the oral cavity.

We offer patients the full scope of professional, preventive care procedures that use proven dental methods. In the beginning, a dental examination is carried out, and, if necessary, instructions are provided concerning the care for the teeth; professional cleaning and tartar removal are performed.

Key preventive procedures are:


Before the commencement of treatment, every patient has their teeth professionally cleaned of tartar. Tartar is mineralised, solidified bacterial plaque that emerges as a result of incorrect and imprecise teeth brushing. The emerging tartar is the source of hazardous bacteria, and leads to inflammations of the gums and periodontium, as a result of which it diminishes, and tooth roots become exposed – the emergence of periodontitis. The removal of tartar is one of the key factors preventing the development of diseases of the periodontium. Tartar is much harder than plaque, hence, it may not be removed by brushing or floss. Tartar may only be removed at a dental practice.

At the Wejt & Tawakol Dental Clinic, the procedure of professional removal of tartar is carried out before the commencement of conservative, prosthetic or implantological treatment.

Air flow tooth polishing

The treatment is made following the removal of tartar. It entails the removal of deposits and discolourations on the surface of teeth with the use of dental polishing material under pressure. Smokers and persons drinking high volumes of coffee and tea should regularly undergo such polishing procedures. Regular polishing is also recommended after the application of an orthodontic device.


A preventive measure aimed at reinforcing tooth enamel and improving its resistance against caries. Fluorine is released by the utilised compounds, and then binds with the tooth enamel reinforcing its structure, thanks to which they are more resistant to acids or bacteria causing caries. In addition, fluorine aids in the remineralisation of minor deficiencies of enamel. Fluoridation is conducted following the mechanical removal of tartar (scaling).


The Dental Clinic Wejt & Tawakol offers tooth varnishing procedures, entailing the coating of teeth with a fluorine-containing varnish. Thanks to varnishing, tooth enamel is strengthened, meaning, they are less prone to caries. In order to ensure good protection of the oral cavity with fluorine compounds, the treatment should be repeated several times per year. Fluorine products also prevent hypersensitivity of tooth necks.


Sealing entails the filling of cracks and anatomical recesses of molars and premolars with special resins. Both permanent and milk teeth can be sealed, if it is not possible to clean them properly despite brushing, and if food residue may reside in the recesses, possibly causing caries on the working surfaces of the tooth. Such caries progresses very quickly, hence, it is very important to perform sealing immediately after the working surface of the tooth is uncovered.

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