Implantation is a method of filling of tooth faults in development and being perfected for forty years now. It is recommended to persons who, as a result of diseases or injuries, have lost their teeth together with roots, with the sole method of rescue being the implantation of titanium roots and them topping them out with crowns, bridges or prostheses. One achieves in this way a top-quality prosthetic filling that provides the patient with maximum comfort, all the while retaining the strength of natural teeth. With proper hygiene care, one can keep their implant for the rest of their life.


Treatment using implants is a multi-stage process.

The first stage entails the implantation of a titanium implant into the mandible or upper jaw. After several (three to six) months, depending on the conditions of the bones and the pace of integration of the implant with the bone tissue, we move to the second stage – the prosthesis – embedding a crown, bridge or prosthesis on the implant. Implantological treatment might extend itself if the mandible or jaw bones are too weak to maintain the implant, and if it would become necessary to execute further treatments to reconstruct (augment) the bone, such as elevation of the bottom of the maxillary sinus or controlled bone regeneration.

Long years of experience of the medical doctors of the Dental Centre in terms of implantology guarantee highest safety of the implemented treatment.

Any deficiency, even in a single tooth, especially in the frontal part of the jaw, is a grave problem in terms of aesthetics, functionality (dysfunction of chewing), psychology (lowered self-certainty) as well as social issues (a beautiful, full smile is an asset both in the private as well as professional sphere). Dental implants are the perfect solution to all these problems.

The tooth implants used nowadays are minor titanium screws placed surgically in jaw bones, replacing the root of the missing tooth and creating a base for the new tooth crown.

The Dental Center uses exclusively top-quality implants by renowned, leading world-class manufacturers – Ankylos from Germany and Bicon from the United States. These are dental implants that guarantee top quality, safety and great aesthetics for patients.

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