Dental prosthetics

Prosthetics is one of the more dynamically developing areas of dentistry. It deals with filling missing spots in the teeth and the recreation of the lost functions of the chewing apparatus.

Protetyka stomatologiczna

The significant role played by aesthetic prosthetics is also the improvement of the look of teeth. An incomplete denture carries with itself not only negative effects for health, but also for everyday life and self-esteem. Loss of teeth causes wrinkles to appear on the face, the facial features become less regular, the profile changes, the subnasal area falters, the cheeks collapse, the corners of the lips drop, and the face acquires the look typical for old age.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our specialists, You will be able to augment even very significant flaws of your denture through modern methods that aesthetic prosthetics and implantology have to offer.

As is generally known, an attractive look of the face is of key significance for personal or professional contacts. Thanks to the high standards offered by aesthetic prosthetics and implantology offered by the Clinic, we will enable you to reacquire your beautiful, broad smile.

Using the most modern solutions, we at the Dental Center Wejt & Tawakol guarantee a beautiful, aesthetic final result, as well as excellent technical parameters of our work, in terms of durability, strength as well as comfort. Modern aesthetic prosthetics offer diverse and useful solutions – crowns and porcelain bridges, framework prostheses (including without clamps, with bars, snaps, prostheses resting on telescoping crowns), or implants.

Discoloured or wrongly set teeth can be corrected quickly and simply, it is also possible to whiten them, reconstruct them or cover them with veneers.

Dentistry in turn, including reconstructive prosthetics, provide the possibility of reconstruction of what is missing from the denture. Every situation that causes stress and discomfort – a missing tooth, a break, an unappealing, large filling, such as old, silver amalgam, worn-out, short teeth, larger missing spots or uncomfortable prostheses that fall off, etc. – may be solved by our team of experts using modern prosthetic resources.

At the Dental Center Wejt & Tawakol, we provide comprehensive, aesthetic and functional reconstructions of dentures in the full scope, individually adapted to specific needs and expectations of patients.

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