The Dental Center provides professional services in terms of orthodontics for children, youths and adults. We have at our disposal a team of highly-qualified specialists with state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Treatment in orthodontics has many aspects – from the aesthetic, all the way to the elimination of shortcomings of the denture, the bite or pronunciation. The selection of the right treatment method is dependent in every case on the needs of the patient and the assessment of our specialists. Diagnostics is based on the anamnesis, the clinical analysis of the teeth scans of the patient, and the assessment of images of the patient’s denture (photography, x-ray imaging of the facial skull and the entire skull). This information is necessary for the purpose of individual planning of the activities and the selection of the suitable treatment method.

Leczenie ortodontyczne

Treatment of children

Orthodontic care in children entails the supervision of the correct development of the jaw and teeth. This allows one to note any causes that would lead to possible deficiencies of the bite in subsequent years. Cause-based treatment should be implemented as early as possible. Corrections of existing bite disorders can be implemented at any age – the time and selection of the individual treatment method depend on the opinion of the orthodontist.

Leczenie ortodontyczne dzieci

The offer of Dental Center Kids covers diverse equipment for children: devices to correct functions, moving devices (that can be inserted and extracted by the child itself) as well as permanent devices including their various modifications.

Children are special patients – in order to work with them, one requires not only specialised knowledge, but also understanding of their needs. A visit to the orthodontist is an event that gives rise to certain fears, regardless of the child’s age. Hence, at Dental Center Kids, we made sure for the stay at the practice to be an interesting event for the child that does not cause stress. For this purpose, we have turned the children’s waiting room into an interesting place of play, and every room for the children has a friendly, colourful theme. A child that likes visits at the orthodontist will be keen to wear their device as recommended by the physician.

Treatment of youths

Corrections of the bite and denture in youths are naturally applied to permanent teeth. Youths are a group of patients, for which the improvement of denture aesthetics, and the mode of orthodontic treatment, are very significant.

Leczenie ortodontyczne młodzieży

Until recently, youths most commonly chose permanent devices that offered the possibility of monthly replacement of the colourful rubber pieces of the device. Currently, youths consider treatment by almost invisible cover devices as the most popular. At the Dental Center, we offer aesthetically pleasing (ceramic) equipment that allows the reduction of the visibility of the device to a minimum.

Instead of traditional metal locks, ceramic locks are used, the colour of which is identical to the colour of the patient’s teeth. At our clinic, we also use very small titanium locks and the Invisalign brace system. These invisible devices are made of flexible synthetic material. Invisalign braces ensure treatment that is completely invisible to the naked eye, and impossible to feel for the patient itself. The choice of the braces and the detailed treatment plan are individually developed by our specialist to suit every case.

Leczenie ortodontyczne młodzieży

After a careful diagnosis of the condition of the patient’s bite and the denture, the medical doctor talks with them about possible solutions. The decision about the choice of the permanent or overlay-type braces is made by the patient together with their parents.

Treatment of adults

The bite and denture may be corrected in adults at any age. The causes of orthodontic treatment of adults are diverse. They can be just aesthetic in nature or based on recommendations of specialists in prosthetic treatment or implantology. The orthodontist may in such a case help to adapt the bite and teeth to the treatment planned by the patient, e. g. implantation or veneers. The Dental Center offers comprehensive services in terms of treatment of adults – we employ both surgeons as well as implantology and prosthetic treatment specialists.

aparaty nakładkowe Invisalign

Adult patients most commonly decide to go with Invisalign braces. They allow the fusion of work of the orthodontist and the prosthetic specialist, yielding better treatment results (in particular in case of damaged teeth that require reconstruction).

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