Aesthetic dentistry

Healthy or treated teeth are frequently less than perfect: They may be darkened, discoloured or have a bad shape. This impacts patient well-being and prevents them from smiling freely. An ever increasing number of patients takes note of the colour and shape of their teeth, or the presence of any discolourations. Contemporaneously, it is not enough for teeth to be healthy. They also have to look good.

Stomatologia estetyczna

In order to bring back your pretty smile, we offer a range of treatments in aesthetic dental science – from the basics (removal of plaque and tartar, polishing of the tooth surface), to corrections of the tooth shape by way of porcelain veneers. If the tooth has more damage, we suggest the addition of inlays or onlays (for molars or premolars) and in case of larger defects we can provide full ceramic crowns, bridges, prosthetics, or utilise implants.

Aesthetic dentistry is a broad range of dental procedures for the most demanding patients.

The Wejt & Tawakol Dental Clinic offers a broad range of dental treatment options to improve the look of  your teeth. Using the most modern dental techniques, we bring back not only your beautiful smile, but we also help to create a new personality, bring back lost confidence, improve self-esteem and create a new value of life.

The creation of new, perfect aesthetics is composed of a broad range of components, hence, every Patient at our Clinic may utilise specialised consultation services, during which, together with the physician, they will determine the best solution for them, so as to later make use of their selected interdisciplinary treatment to achieve the best aesthetic effects.

Teeth whitening

Stomatologia estetyczna

Teeth can be whitened in one of two ways:

  • a special lamp, Beyond Polus, which activates the whitening gel; the treatment is performed at the practice and it takes approx. 1.5 hours;
  • an alternative is cover-based night-time whitening using gel introduced into specially adapted tooth covers.

The best and longest-lasting results are achieved by patients who utilise both these methods. After the whitening at the practice, the patient receives a special Stay White set, which fixes and deepens the effect achieved after whitening at the clinic.

Dental ceramic veneer are thin flakes of porcelain that are glued to the front surface of the teeth. Thanks to porcelain veneer, you can get rid of unsightly slits between the teeth, discolourations or other deformations of your front teeth. The veneers are an aesthetic solution for many types of tooth damage, for instance, breaks, cracks, erosion of front tooth enamel. Porcelain applied to the teeth always yields the effect of cleanliness, freshness, and a beautiful, white smile.

Inlay, onlay: Ceramic filling made by a dental technician at the prosthetics laboratory, very durable, precisely made (frequently under microscopes), for cosmetic purposes… they perfectly imitate the properties of natural teeth, their anatomical structure and function.

Full ceramic crowns and bridges

These are highly aesthetic reconstructions for damaged or discoloured teeth, made exclusively of ceramic material, without the use of metal. They perfectly recreate the structure and translucency of natural teeth. The lack of metal allows the effect of the metal corner at the crown edge, discolouration of the gums or the ‘gum tattoo’ – the discolouration due to separation of metal ions from the crown, creating a violet stain – to be avoided.

Full ceramic crowns and bridges sintered on zirconium oxide

The most advanced technology applied for the execution of this kind of work guarantees total uniqueness. Beside all the advantages of full ceramic crowns, the additional advantages of ceramic crowns sintered on zirconia are high production precision and tooth adherence, very high robustness and durability – zircon is used e. g. to make pieces of housings for space ships. Zircon is a biologically inert material, does not cause allergies and does not interact with other prosthetic fillings. Light behaves naturally in zircon crowns, in the fashion typical for healthy, natural teeth. Full ceramic crowns provide the possibility of recreation of the translucency properties of enamel including natural light reflections.

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