Child orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment of children has many aspects. Regular visits at the orthodontist help not only counter disorders of the bite and dentition, but they may also help treat speech disorders or correct asymmetry of the face. Early detection of flaws in the bite or dentition of a child may also help them avoid the need to use a fixed orthodontic device, allowing the application of a removable one.

First visit at an orthodontic practice

It is most commonly assumed that the first visit at an orthodontist should take place at around age seven. However, it may well take place much earlier, if we discover flaws in the development of the dentition or bite of the little child. There may be numerous reasons for a first visit, in particular

  • delayed or early loss of milk teeth
  • crowded teeth or growing far apart from each other
  • visible asymmetry of the face (e. g. pronounced or withdrawn chin or upper lip)
  • crooked teeth
  • incorrect bite
  • difficulty breathing (e. g. breathing through the mouth)
  • speech disorders
  • teeth grinding or frequent clenching
  • unhealthy habits (e. g. prolonged sucking of the pacifier or thumb, biting of nails or other objects).

The child in the hands of specialists

Orthodontic treatment is usually a process. The orthodontist will start by analysing the problem and selecting the technique to correct the flaw. The earlier treatment starts, the greater the chance of eliminating the problem during childhood. An important role in the process is played by the parents as well – for the most part, they are responsible for the child wearing their device and adhering to the doctor’s recommendations.

With the youngest ones in mind

At the Dental Center Kids, we made sure that the visit at the orthodontist’s office is a positive experience of the child. Both the physicians as well as the auxiliary personnel know very well how to work with children. The interior design is also important – the waiting room that is actually an interesting indoor playground, and the colourful offices.

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