Comprehensive tooth treatment

Comprehensive tooth treatment during a single visit

In case of little patients, who are particularly afraid of treatment or require a procedure that can be painful, it is possible to do the treatment using intravenous sedation over the course of a single visit. At times, this is the only option to successfully help the little person, spare them the pain and a greater number of visits. In case of very small children who do not yet know how to cooperate with the doctor, it may be the sole opportunity for efficient and painless treatment.

Preparation ahead of treatment

Treatment under sedation always takes place under the eye of an experienced anaesthesiology team and a dental assistant. Every procedure is preceded by a thorough medical analysis conducted by the anaesthesiologist, who will assess the child’s general health and decide on whether it is possible to go ahead with intravenous sedation. The child may not eat or drink over a specific time before the treatment – this time depends on their age (the younger the child, the shorter the time on the empty stomach before the sedation).

How does intravenous sedation work?

The intravenously administered agent lets the child sleep and anaesthetises them against the pain, causing a temporary suspension of activity in the central nervous system. The child is first sedated by inhalation through a mask, with the venous catheter only introduced afterwards, to gain access to the vein and administer the required medication. The patient remains in the care of the anaesthesiology team that controls their circulation and breathing the entire time.

What happens after the procedure?

In certain cases, after treatment, the children are provided with local anaesthesia to ease the pain directly after waking up. Dental Center Kids has a professional recovery room that is adapted to the needs of young patients. This well-designed interior allows the parents to remain with the child when they wake up from anaesthesia. The woken patient is confused, does not know where they are and what happened to them, hence, the presence of parents is uniquely important at the time. After waking up, the child is examined again by the anaesthesiologist, and remains under our specialists’ care for a certain time.

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